Monday, April 12, 2010

You Know Your Lemonade Stand Sucks When...

your own father doesn't even stop! No lie, my dad came over yesterday and helped Keith work on the shed, then went to visit with our neighbors before going home. As I saw his truck topping the hill, I perked up thinking at least my dad would stop, but nope, he just gave me a friendly wave and kept on trucking. Dang. That was cold.

Last time, I sold two pitchers and had to go make more in less than an hour! This time, I had two whole customers. I'm thinking the difference must have been having my kids with me before. I guess people are more prone to stop for cute little kids than some old woman wearing pink hocking overpriced lemonade! However, my nice neighbor did make a donation so that helped restore my dignity. Thanks Kim!

Saturday, I did my first 8-mile walk. I was hoping to finish in two hours flat, but it ended up being a little longer. I must admit, I was pretty tired the rest of the day.

I joined the team just over three weeks ago and so far I've logged 48 miles and raised $869. I'm looking forward the the family fun walk this weekend! Hope the weather's good. Come out if you can!

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  1. Love the honesty! Yes, kids can sell anything! Use them anytime you can :)